Water Filter Project

Writer  Ms Thuy Nguyen

The project marks the first time that portable water filters were ever used in Vietnam. They were freely distributed to almost 3000 households that were severely affected by the polluted waters caused by the recent flood in central Vietnam.

The project lasted 3 arduous and long days, starting from 26/12/2016 and finished on 28/12/2016. Volunteers had to be up by 3:30 AM, travelling in a mini van, in order to reach the distribution points located in far and remote areas. In total the group travelled to 7 distribution points, aiding approximately 34 villages in remote central Vietnam.

Those who received aid expressed their appreciation and their gratitude and wished on-going support for this project in providing accessible clean water to other affected areas. 

I also want to take this opportunity to express my thanks to AHHA MC's, The Satellite Club and all donors and supporters - without all your support, this project would not come to fruition. Additionally, Venerables, nuns and lay people from Thuong Chieu Monastery and Vinh Nghiem Temple who have helped with custom clearance, working with local authorities and arranging for transport and distribution processes.