To provide diverse charitable and humanitarian services to relieve human suffering and improve quality of life of those in need with compassionate acts.



To provide ophthalmic, medical and dental treatment and training to the underprivileged with respect and dignity.

To provide assistance with education to complete schooling to underprivileged students.

To provide humanitarian aid for natural disasters and reduce poverty in underprivileged communities.



Our strong 300+ volunteers are passionate about making a difference to the lives of the disadvantaged people by using their skills, times and personal financial resources to help reduce blindness and providing humanitarian services. Every year we organise field trip to Vietnam and/or Cambodia to provide free cutting-edge cataract surgeries, deliver eye care and dispense prescription & sunglasses, carry out medical checkups & give out medication, treat dental problems & promote dental hygiene. We provide training to local students and doctors with conferences, workshops and wet labs.

Our volunteers organise and help raising fund to support disaster relief and recovery in Australia and overseas. We provide humanitarian aid to the desperately poor people in developing countries.

Blindness is a major cause of poverty in developing countries. World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 285 million are visually impaired and 39 million blind worldwide: 90% live in developing countries; 80% are avoidable or treatable because they don't have access to eye examination and glasses; 48% blind because of cataract.

Our main focus is on cataract surgery because it is one of the most cost effective of all health intervention surgeries.

Sight is the most treasured of our five senses. Sight can make a difference between a life of poverty or a life of opportunities.

To keep all these amazing humanitarian work going, AHHA needs donors and supporters. So please come partner with us and together let's make a difference to the world we live in.