THANK YOU to all our wonderful, committed and amazing volunteers

Your contribution means the world to AHHA and the under-privileged people we serve. We are deeply grateful for your commitment and compassion to help achieve a common goal - 



(Sorted by surname in alphabetical order)

Dr Eduardo Alcaino, Dentist, NSW

Dr Susan Ang-Ngo, Optometrist, NSW

Ms Tanya Anhtuan, Practice Manager, NSW

Mr Xuong Au, Translator, NSW

Dr Glenn Bakyew, Anaesthetist, VIC

Mrs Narelle Bakyew, VIC

Ms Alison Baum, Research Officer, VIC

Ms Helena Born, Nurse, VIC

Mr Ian Brookes, Retired Army Major, NSW

Ms Megan  Broughton, Ophthalmic Nurse, VIC

Ms Judy Bui, Practice Manager, NSW

Dr Maria Bui, Optometrist, NSW

Dr Van Tung  Bui, Anaesthetist, NSW

Mr Maxwell Bunter, Rotarian, ACT

Ms Le Thi Minh Cao, Dental Assistant, NSW

Dr Jennifer Carden, Anaesthetist, VIC

Mr Joseph Cauchi, Electrical Engineer, NSW

Dr Elsie Chan, Ophthalmologist, VIC

Dr Andrew Chang, Ophthalmologist, NSW

Dr Yvonne Chau, Paediatric Dentist

Dr James T S Chau-Vo, Ophthalmologist, NSW

Ms Socheata Chea, Research officer, VIC

Dr Jen Cheah, Dentist, VIC

Mrs Alison Chong, Ophthalmic Nurse, VIC

Dr Juliana Chong, General Practitioner, VIC

Dr Daniel Chu, Dentist

Mr Duc Thang Chuong, Restaurateur, NSW

Ms Meaghan Clark, Ophthalmic Nurse, VIC

Mr Martin Colantonio, IT Analyst, NSW

Ms Donna Corcorcan, Ophthalmic Nurse, VIC

Dr Ryan Cornish, Dentist, SA

Miss Alexandria Cung, Student, NSW

Miss Christine Cung, Student, NSW

Mr Loc Cung, Solicitor, NSW

Ms Amanda Cunningham, Ophthalmic Nurse, Vic

Mr Dan Dang, Accountant, NSW

Ms Maria Dang, Data Analyst, NSW

Mr Solviken Dang, Clerk, VIC

Dr Thu Dung Dang, General Practitioner, NSW

Mst Justin Dinh, Student, NSW

Dr Joseph Do, Dentist, NSW

Mrs Linda Thuy Trang Do, Dental Assistant, NSW 

Ms Vicki Dodd, Nurse, NSW

Dr Andrew Hung Duong, Dentist, NSW

Mr Christopher Duong, Student, NSW

Miss Kaitlyn Duong, Student, NSW

Dr Mai Duong, Dentist, NSW

Dr Quynh Giao Duong, Dentist, WA

Ms Thy Duong, NSW

Dr Alan Fitzpatrick, Dentist, QLD

Ms Isabel Foo, Medical Student, VIC

Dr Kevin Foo, Ophthalmologist, VIC

Dr Amy Fung,Pediatric Dentist, VIC

Dr Helen Fung, Pediatric Dentist, NSW

Dr Bernadette Gilmore, Optometrist, QLD

Dr Trevor Gin, Ophthalmologist, VIC

Dr Meredith Graham, Optometrist, QLD

Dr Paul Graham, Optometrist, QLD

Ms Hailey Grant, Dental Assistant, SA

Dr Robert Groat, Veterinary Surgeon, NSW

Ms Donna Ha, Orthoptist, NSW

Dr Oanh Thi Mong Ha, Dentist, SA

Mr Glenn Hale, VIC

Ms Fiona Hales, Ophthalmic Nurse, VIC

Dr Aaron Hayek, Pediatrician, NSW

Dr Anton Van Heerden, Ophthalmologist, VIC

Mr Charles Hili, Business Owner, NSW

Dr Henry Cuong Ho, Dentist, NSW

Mst Jayden Ho, Student, QLD

Ms Thi Kim Xuan Ho, Loan Consultant, VIC

Ms Trudy Ho, Risk Analyst, NSW

Dr Tuan Ho, General Practioner, QLD

Mr Bang Hoang, Pharmacist, NSW

Dr Elaine Hoang, General Practitioner, NSW

Dr Le Duc Hong, IT Consultant, NSW

Dr Thomas Hong, Orthoptist, NSW

Ms Jane Howard, Nurse, NSW

Dr Chia-Wei (Jenny) Hsieh, Optometrist, QLD

Dr Duong Huynh, Physiotherapist

Ms Leanne Huynh, Orthoptist, NSW

Mst Luke Huynh, Student, NSW

Mst Matthew Huynh, Student, NSW

Mst Nathan Huynh, Student, NSW

Dr Son Cong Huynh, Ophthalmologist, NSW

Dr Tess Huynh, Ophthalmologist, NSW

Dr Sue Hwang, Optometrist, VIC

Ms Annette Jackson, Ophthalmic Nurse, VIC

Ms Laura Johnston, Support, Northern Ireland

Dr Niv Kamalendran, Paediatric Dentist, NZ

Ms Elle Kandasamy, Beautician, VIC

Mr Peter Kandasamy, Surgical Acct Manager, VIC

Ms Anh Kieu, Orthoptist, NSW

Miss Caitlyn Kim, Student, NSW

Ms Cindy Kim, Pharmacist, NSW 

Dr Daniel Kim, General Practitioner, NSW

Dr Vinithra Kumar, Ophthalmologist, VIC

Mr Linh Van Lai, Pharmacist, VIC

Dr Anh Phuong Lam, General Practitioner, NSW

Dr Anthony Hoang Lam, General Practitioner, NSW

Dr Elizabeth Lam, Dentist, NSW

Ms Amanda Le, NSW

Ms Anh Le, Orthoptist, VIC

Dr Ivy Le, Optometrist, QLD

Ms Janice Le, Solicitor, NSW

Dr Jenny Le, Optometrist, QLD

Dr Minh Luan Le, General Practitioner

Mr Jim Leahy, Rotarian, NSW

Ms Alicia Ledger, Nurse, VIC

Ms Andrea Lee, Orthoptist, VIC

Ms Dao Quynh Lieng, Pharmacist, NSW

Ms Hannah Lim-Joon, VIC

Dr Troy Lim-Joon, Paediatric Ophthalmologist, VIC

Dr Trudy Lin, Dentist

Dr Trudy Y H Lin, General Practitioner, SA

Dr Benjamin Lincoln, Anaesthetist

Dr Lance Liu, Ophthalmologist, VIC

Miss Natalie Liu, Medical Student, VIC

Mr Matthew Lollback, Technical Advisor, NSW

Mr Danny Low, Rotarian, NSW

Dr, Dennis Lowe, Ophthalmologist & Neurologist, NSW

Mr Michael Luong, Architect, NSW

Ms Monica Luong, Orthoptist, NSW

Dr Frances Ly, Optometrist, VIC

Mrs Nicola Lynn, Dental Assistant, NZ

Mrs Mai Ly-Tran,Pharmacist, NSW

Mrs Anne Martin, Nurse

Dr Rex Martin, Anaesthetist, VIC

Mrs Shelley Marx, Nurse, VIC 

Dr Iain Mentilplay, Dentist, NSW

Mr Michael Miranda, Ophthalmic Nurse, NSW

Dr James Mitchell, Anaesthetist

Mr Tadeusz Mlynarz, Rotarian, NSW

Dr Anita Moric, Dentist, SA

Dr Audrey Murugesan, Ophthalmologist, NSW

Ms Marie Myers, Ophthalmic Nurse, VIC

Dr Ghita Nair-Smith, General Practitioner, NSW

Dr Andrew Narita, Ophthalmologist, VIC

Mr Callum Narita, Student, VIC

Dr Arun Natarajan, Paediatric Dentist, NZ

Ms Kelly Ng, Medical Student


Dr James Ngo, Dentist, NSW

Ms Ku Ngov, Property Officer, NSW

Dr Phuc Ngov, Optometrist, QLD

Ms Sivhour Ngov, NSW

Ms Siv Teang Ngov, Teacher, NSW

Dr Amy Nguyen, Dentist, NSW

Dr Chinh Nguyen, Paediatric Dentist, NSW

Ms Christine Nguyen, Business Analyst, NSW

Dr Diep Nguyen, Nuclear & Internal Medicine, NSW

Dr Dzu Dinh Nguyen, General Practitioner, NSW

Ms Emily Nguyen, Dental Therapist

Dr Ethan Vu Nguyen, Opthalmologist, NSW

Dr Henry Nguyen, Dentist, VIC

Dr Huy Nguyen, Dentist, NSW

Miss Isabella Nguyen, Student, NSW

Mr John Nguyen, Optom Student, NSW

Mrs Judy Nguyen, Dental Assistant, NSW

Dr Kimberley Nguyen, General Practitioner, NSW

Dr Minh Nguyen, General Practitioner, NSW

Ms My Trang Nguyen, Pharmacist, NSW

Dr Phuong Anh Nguyen, Optometrist

Miss Sereena Nguyen, Student, NSW

Mst Thomas Nguyen, Student, NSW

Ms Thi Thu Thuy Nguyen, Pharmacist, NSW

Mr Timothy Nguyen, Student, NSW

Dr Tuan Nguyen, Dentist, NSW

Ms Tuyet Nguyen, Pharmacist, NSW

Dr Van Son Nguyen, General Practitioner, SA

Mr Van Tay Nguyen, Stone Mason, NSW

Dr Vivien Nguyen, Optometrist, NSW

Dr Vu Nguyen, Optometrist

Mr Ben Nuttall, Ophthalmic Product Specialist, VIC

Dr Nelson Oliver, Optometrist, VIC

Dr Sharon Ong, Dentist, Singapore

Dr Nicolette Parkinson, Optometrist, NSW

Dr Anh Pham, Optometrist, QLD

Ms Anne Pham, Management Accountant, NSW

Miss Felicity Pham, Student, NSW

Dr Hau Pham, Anaesthetist, NSW

Ms Julie Pham, Pharmacist, NSW

Ms Louise Pham, Pharmacist, NSW

Dr Ngo Minh Pham, General Practitioner, WA

Ms Nikki Thuy Pham, Student, WA

Dr Tho Pham, General Practitioner, NSW

Dr Thomas Pham, Ophthalmologist, NSW

Miss Vy Pham, Ophthalmic Nurse, VIC

Dr Yvonne Huyen Pham, General Practitioner, NSW

Ms Alison Plain, Ophthalmic Nurse, VIC

Ms Bareen Pordily, Orthoptist, NSW

Ms Tu Quyen Quach, Student, NSW

Ms Tracey Radford, Ophthalmic Nurse, VIC

Ms Joanne Rehe, Ophthalmic Nurse, VIC

Ms Carmen Reynolds, Ophthalmic Nurse, VIC

Ms Kate Ricardo, Nurse, VIC

Dr Loren Rose, Paediatric Ophthalmologist, NSW 

Dr Carolyn Ross, Ophthalmologist, NSW

Mr Shuan Rust, IT Consultant, VIC

Dr Nisha Sachdev, Ophthalmologist, NSW

Dr Michael Tin Ming Shiu, Ophthalmologist, VIC

Dr Michelle Soh, Anaesthetist, VIC

Ms Julie Stafford, Ophthalmic Nurse, VIC

Dr Michael Stefanescu, Optometrist, NSW

Mrs Chau Tang, Pharmacist, QLD

Dr David Tang, General Practitioner, NSW

Mr Phuoc Tang, Student, NSW

Mrs Tracey Tang, NSW

Ms Lyn Thorpe, Ophthalmic Nurse, NSW

Mr Phi Long Tong, Entertainer, NSW

Dr Albert Tran, General Practitioner, NSW

Miss Albertine Tran, Student, NSW

Mst Alfred Tran, Student, NSW

Mrs Alison Tran, NSW

Mr Andrew Tran, Pharmacist, NSW

Miss Angelina Tran, Student, NSW

Dr Bich Dien Tran, Dentist, NSW

Mrs Bich Phuong Tran, Dental Assistant, NSW

Ms Chantelle Tran, Pharmacist, NSW

Ms Chau Tran, Pharmacist, NSW

Ms Cindy Tien Tran, Radiographer, QLD

Dr Daniel Hung Tran, Dentist, NSW

Ms Dang Tran, Optom Student, QLD

Ms Elizabeth Tran, Hospital Pharmacist, NSW

Dr Ha Tran, General Practitioner, NSW

Mrs Hang Tran, Dental Assistant, NSW

Mrs Helen Tran, Practice Manager, NSW

Dr Henry Tran, General Practitioner, NSW

Dr Hien Tran, General Practitioner, NSW

Ms Hieu Tran, Orthoptist, VIC

Dr Hung The Tran, Dentist, NSW

Ms Jenny Tran, Pharmacist, NSW

Mr Kiet Song Tran, Physiotherapist, NSW

Dr Maria Tran, Dentist, NSW

Mr Michael Man Tran, Business Manager, NSW

Dr Minh Duc Tran, Anaesthetist, NSW

Dr Minh Khanh Tran, Anaesthetist, NSW

Dr Minh The Tran, Anaesthetist, NSW

Dr Minh Tuyet Van Tran, Optometrist, VIC

Ms My Linh Tran, Sales Assistant, NSW

Ms My Phung Tran, Pharmacist, NSW

Mst Nathan Tran, Student, NSW

Dr Tam Tran, General Practitioner, NSW

Dr Teresa Tran, Dentist, NSW

Ms Thi Thanh Ha Tran, Accountant, NSW

Dr Thi Thu Ba Tran, Dentist, NSW

Mr Thien Chuong Tran, Computer Engineer, VIC

Mrs Thu Hang Tran, Practice Manager, NSW

Mr Victor Tran, Pharmacist, NSW

Dr Vincent Tran, Optometrist, NSW

Dr William Trinh, Optometrist, NSW

Mr Billy Trinh (William Cheng), Student, NSW

Ms Kerry Tripp, Ophthalmic Nurse, NSW

Ms Dieu Ngoc Truong, Dance Teacher, NSW

Dr Khanh Tien Truong, Optometrist, QLD

Dr Thanh Truong, Dentist, NSW

Dr Thao Truong, Dentist, NSW

Dr Theresa Truong, Dentist, NSW

Dr Thuy Vi Truong, General Practitioner, NSW

Dr Tony Truong, General Practitioner, QLD

Ms Dunia Tucker, Ophthalmic Nurse, VIC

Dr Anton Van Heerden, Ophthalmologist, NSW

Dr Carmela Violi, Optometrist, VIC

Dr Annalise Vo, Optometrist, NSW

Ms Bach Dang Vo, Restaurateur, NSW

Mr Paul Vogt, Manager Local Government

Dr Le Vu, Optometrist & Audiologist, NSW

Dr Loan Vu, Dentist, QLD

Dr Phung Vu, Ophthalmologist, QLD

Dr Mitchell Walker, Optometrist, QLD

Ms Wendy Walpole, Ophthalmic Nurse, VIC

Mr David Westbrook, Documentary Maker, VIC

Dr Patrick Wong, General Practitioner, NSW

Dr Peter Wong, General Practitioner, NSW

Ms Stephanie Wong, Ecom & IT, NSW

Dr David Worsnop, Ophthalmologist, VIC

Ms Helen Fuhong Xie, Ophthalmic Nurse, NSW

Dr Bun Yiv, General Practitioner, SA

Ms Kiera Young, Orthoptist, VIC

Ms Biljana Zjajic, Orthoptist, VIC