AHHA Mission 2019 Began

We are READY … WILLING … and ABLE …

AHHA Mission 2019 - Week 1

In 4 days, we have achieved …

Eye Team

450 patients examined

332 eye surgeries performed

Dental Team

505 patients screened

Over 1,000 procedures performed

We welcome 2nd group volunteers and our work continues …

AHHA Water Project 2019

Your donation helps hundreds of poor rural families have clean filtered water.

Together we help improving lives.

Thank you

AHHA Community Center

Officially opened on 28 August 2019

We wish to thank all donors, organisations and individuals for your generous support of this much needed AHHA Community Center.

Your donation helps making this new building a reality.

Partners of AHHA 2019

The work of AHHA is not possible without the joint effort with our partners.

We sincerely thank our local partners for their collaboration and friendship.

Khmer Sight Foundation

Central National Bank of Cambodia

Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital

University of Puthisastra


May Bank

Ministry of Women Affairs

and local volunteers

AHHA 2019 Charity Soccer Match of the Year!

AHHA wishes to thank all sponsors, organisations and individuals for their generous support of AHHA charity work.

Macquarie Bank Foundation

Macquarie Silver Donut team

AHHA Docceroos team

Donors and supporters

AHHA 2018 Mission - Help Us Help Those In Need

On Saturday, 11th August 2018, AHHA will be returning to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to carry out free cataract surgery for the poor and provide free dental treatment for the special need, rescued children & orphans and distribute free food packages to the needy in Cambodia & Vietnam. We also provide training through ophthalmic & dental seminars & workshops to local medical staff & students. Our plan for this year's mission is to complete over 500 Cataract surgeries; over 1000 dental procedures; over 2000 humanitarian aid packages & water filters and education sponsorship for 50 high-school students. Our fundraising target is $180,000 to make this all possible.

Please help us help others in need.

"Your greatness is not what you have, it's what you give." -Author Unknown.

2018 AHHA Mission Clip 1 - Mission Began

AHHA 2018 mission has commenced.

Follow our journey as we share with you the work of our volunteers.

2018 AHHA Mission Clip 2 - Eye & Dental Intro

It is a privilege to provide care for the disadvantaged patients who need help the most. Here is team AHHA at work and what we achieved in 3 days. As group 1 volunteers hand over to group 2, our work continues...

2018 AHHA Mission - Humanitarian Work

Eye surgery & dental treatment are not the only things we do.

Check out our Humanitarian work in assisting remote communities via the AHHA Water Filter Project.

AHHA 2018 Charity Soccer Match of the Year!

Soccer fever is well & truly alive!

We are talking about the AHHA 2018 Charity Soccer Match of the Year where a fantastic amount was raised to fund our charity works. AHHA sincerely thank all donors & the Macquarie Bank Foundation for their generous support and to Madeleine Hoang & Dr Duc Van for their wonderful initiative & hard work to make this happen. Special thanks to the soccer stars of the day & the 2 teams: the Macquarie Silver Donuts & the AHHA Docceroos.

Congratulations to the Silver Donuts, our winners! More importantly, friendships were formed & both teams are looking forward to a re-match next year!

AHHA Education Sponsorship (On Going Project)

Every child deserves the opportunity to receive an education. Disadvantaged children needs the most help. Your continued donation helps them attend school and go as far as they can with their education. Help us break the poverty cycle.

AHHA - Clean Water Project (On Going Project)

Clean water is life.

Since 2016 to 2017, AHHA has distributed 5,000 water filters to poor families, schools and community centres that do not have access to clean water. This simple gift has made a huge difference to the lives of those most affected in Vietnam and Cambodia.

We can do more with your continued donations.

AHHA 2017 - What We Are About

AHHA 2017 Mission - Clip 1

Day One. Please stay tuned...

AHHA 2017 Mission - Clip 2

AHHA is a family of volunteers who share the same vision. See our volunteers at work and share their perspectives...

AHHA 2017 Mission - Clip 3

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your support & commitment to make our 2017 medical mission in Cambodia & Vietnam possible. We were able to provide free cataract surgeries for the blind, dental treatments for special need children, training for local students & doctors & humanitarian aid to the underprivileged.


Mission 2016 - Post operation & mission finale.


Mission 2016 - The Amazing Surgeons, Anaesthetists and the Theatre Team at work at the Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital in Phnom Penh.


Mission 2016 - The Dynamic Optometry Team at work at the Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital in Phnom Penh.


Mission 2016 - The Formidable GP Team at work at the Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital in Phnom Penh.


Mission 2016 - The Remarkable Dental Team at work at the University of Puthisatra in Phnom Penh.

Video courtesy of Cambodia International Sight Association (CISA)

Mission 2016 - AHHA Eye Surgery Mission in Phnom Penh 

From the 13th to 27th August, AHHA has carried out a humanitarian mission - 402 cataract, 22 pterygium surgeries and 1140 dental treatments were provided for free to the underprivileged people. During this mission, food packages were also distributed to the needy in Cambodia & Vietnam.

The assistance and enthusiasm from CISA and local volunteers, was invaluable and together with our dedicated AHHA volunteers, wonderful work were accomplished to help the poor and the sick in Cambodia & Vietnam during 2016 mission.


Mission 2016 - Day 2

Setting up work stations at the Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital for the eye team and the University of Puthisatra for the dental team in Phnom Penh. Video also includes the Welcome and Introduction dinner. 



Mission 2016 - Day 1

Leaving Australia for Cambodia

Video courtesy of SBTN Australia


In December 2015, chairman Dr William Trinh together with Dr Hien Tran, Ms Thuy Nguyen and Dr Tam Tran were invited to talk about VVPA/AHHA on the SBTN TV which is a cable TV network in Vietnamese, widely broadcasted in Australia, USA, Canada and France. 

We hope you enjoy watching it. The interview is in Vietnamese. However, there are many footage showing many of Vietnam Vision/AHHA field trips in Vietnam and Cambodia. 

Video courtesy of Westymedia by David Westbrook


In response to this alarming statistic, the Vietnam Vision Projects Australia (VVPA) was formed in 2003. This project brings together volunteers from across Australia to restore vision for people suffering from cataracts in the rural of Vietnam by using the skills and technology from Australia.

2008 mark the beginning of VVPA partnership with Rotary Club of Liverpool West and the Rotary Australia World Community Services Inc (RAWCS).

VVPA/AHHA work is only possible with the generous financial support of sponsors/donors and time from all volunteers.

Video courtesy of Westymedia by David Westbrook


There are more than 120,000 cataracts operations in Vietnam each year. Unfortunately, the annual incidence is relatively higher at approximately 170,000 new people affected by cataracts. Women account for a higher portion of the population suffering from cataract blindness.

The majorities of the blind people live in rural areas and are poor. Despite a lot of effort in the treatment and prevention of blindness and help from overseas medical missions and charitable organisations, blindness is still a major problem in Vietnam ...

Video courtesy of Westymedia by David Westbrook


A report from the Health Ministry of Vietnam in 2001 revealed that 463,552 people were suffering from bilateral blindness and 889,276 people had blindness in one eye. Cataract is the major cause of blindness in people over 50 and usually affects both eyes (60.9%).

1. To restore the vision of people suffering from cataracts by using the latest technologies from Australia and the skills of Australian health professional volunteers.

2. To provide charitable assistance to other areas of need ...

Video courtesy of Westymedia by David Westbrook


Another historic moment in the VVPA journey. The dental team has begun its association with VVPA. After months of planning, discussing and organising the actual physical work has begun.

In 2011, VVPA started to provide dental care and preliminary treatment of dental conditions for the poor & disabled children in rural Vietnam by Australian dental practitioners.

With the trip only 3 weeks away, on Saturday 2nd July 2011, members of the dental team, packed their goods and tools and ready to go ...



Video courtesy of Westymedia by David Westbrook


"I hope I'm healthy enough to go on every single trip this charity group organizes. I get so much out of it than what I put in I have to admit. I have never felt this way about any other organisations. My life has completely turned around since I joined VVPA/AHHA. I encourage everyone to get involved ... "