Hear what our volunteers have to say about their first hand experience  ...


MISS CAITLYN KIM, High school student, Aug 2018

“Being there in Cambodia, with the AHHA team, surrounded by people from a world wholly unlike mine - I learnt something. I learnt the importance of selflessness. I learnt to be grateful. I learnt to care. And that is a lesson that I think every AHHA volunteer holds in their hearts.”

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MR GLEN HALE, Aug 2018

“At the end of the day we are all human, and factors like ethnicity, gender, religion, HIV positive should not determine whether treatment is given or not. AHHA treats everyone the same, with dignity and respect.”

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MS KU NGOV, Property officer, Aug 2017

“For all the patients that received surgery, the gift of sight will not only impact their quality of life but the lives of their family. That scared uncertain look I first saw at registration turned into gratification and happy smiles. Thank you AHHA for giving me the opportunity to contribute to such a well organised, fun loving and humble team and to each and every one who worked tirelessly to make the Field Trip possible.”


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MISS ISABELLE NGUYEN, High school student, Aug 2017

“Whilst distributing water filters to the Cambodian community, I found myself working alongside a local village girl, no older than I am. Although I didn’t know Khmer, language proved to be no barrier. We worked as a team; handing out the packages, communicating through our mutual desire to help her community.”

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“Volunteering in the surgery department, which provided hundreds of eye surgeries, was a wonderful experience. I was able to witness the process by which poor Cambodian people were given a chance to save or regain the ability to see the world around them. They were so thankful and appreciative of being given the opportunity to receive medical care that they never would have been able to without the efforts of the AHHA team.”


“This lady in her 40s who had been in a bomb blast several years ago required cataract surgery. She had some facial disfigurement and lost an eye as a result of the blast. The empathetic surgeons spent a considerable amount of time discussing the pros and cons of the surgery. The important decision was taken to operate. Dr Troy Lim-Joon, the calm, cool, amazing ophthalmologist, performed the highly skilled surgery. The operation was a success. I had witnessed something incredible and the lady would enjoy a better quality of life due to this amazing AHHA medical team.”

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MR CHARLES HILI, Business Owner, Aug 2015

“AHHA volunteers performed their duties with utmost skill whilst displaying the compassion and dedication that has become synonymous with this wonderful organisation. I think I speak for myself and many others when saying that each and every trip is life enhancing. The people, the children whose lives we undeniably changed for the better is what it is all about. To be honest, what right minded Aussie wouldn’t give up one week or two of their otherwise comfortable lives to see just how others in this world are managing without what we take for granted and in some small way to make a difference? I’ll be back again next year to do it all again.”

DR TAM TRAN, GP, Aug 2015

"I was very happy to join this 2015 field trip as with many previous trips. I would like to thank our excellent team leader Dr William Trinh who led our successful 2015 Cambodia field trip this year. His efforts and determination have made the mission successful beyond expectation. We had a fantastic and very hard working team - everyone carried out their duties beyond what's expected of them."