Hear what our volunteers have to say about their first hand experience  ...


MR CHARLES HILI, Business Owner, Aug 2015

“AHHA volunteers performed their duties with utmost skill whilst displaying the compassion and dedication that has become synonymous with this wonderful organisation. I think I speak for myself and many others when saying that each and every trip is life enhancing. The people, the children whose lives we undeniably changed for the better is what it is all about. To be honest, what right minded Aussie wouldn’t give up one week or two of their otherwise comfortable lives to see just how others in this world are managing without what we take for granted and in some small way to make a difference? I’ll be back again next year to do it all again.”



DR TAM TRAN, GP, Aug 2015

"I was very happy to join this 2015 field trip as with many previous trips. I would like to thank our excellent team leader Dr William Trinh who led our successful 2015 Cambodia field trip this year. His efforts and determination have made the mission successful beyond expectation. We had a fantastic and very hard working team - everyone carried out their duties beyond what's expected of them."




DR SUSAN ANG, Optometrist, Aug 2015

“Thank you to William and the team for giving Mark & I the opportunity of a lifetime to work alongside such a passionate, kind and cohesive team AHHA. The lives witnessed in Cambodia; the Vietnamese stateless people, the new and rekindled friendships and the 'hairy moments' have deepened my gratitude and love of life. I will remember our 4am wake up calls, the foam packed bread lunches, the smiley children receiving their bikes at their graduation at Sen Hoa (LKC), the monsoon rain boat ride at Kampong Chhnang, the impatient roar of the crowd when receiving their rice parcels at Kandal village ... Too many memorable moments to list! ”



MISS LEILA NGUYEN, 13 Year Old Student, Aug 2015

“My memory at the Lotus Kids Club in Siem Riep, Cambodia was really unforgettable and makes me remember my first journey with AHHA as an amazing and emotional experience.”


DR BERNADETTE GILMORE, Optometrist, Aug 2015

“As a first time volunteer I was pleasantly surprised by how well we were looked after. Looking back on the week, there were definitely challenges and times you wish you had more equipment available and were able to do more, but all the smiles I saw really reminded me that we had made a big difference. That is what all would be new recruits should remember I think, that it is the people that will really make your time. To all the amazing other volunteers who freely give their time and have been there before, seeming like superheroes able to get so much done in such a short period of time. I would like to thank absolutely everyone involved who made my first volunteer experience something I am very keen to repeat. ”



DR QUYNH GIAO, Dentist, Aug 2015

"The people in Kandal village have sent their gratitude for all the help AHHA gave. To them it was like a dream to receive medical checkups with medication and eye checkups with prescription glasses. I would like to send a big Thank You for all your kind hearts. Your help has given the stateless Vietnamese living in Cambodia a lot of hope to keep them alive."


DR KHANH TIEN TRUONG, Optometrist, Aug 2015

"It's a pleasure and privilege to be part of AHHA 2015 team. It was such a valuable experience and I will do it over again. A special thanks to Dr William Trinh's fantastic leadership with Dr Hien Tran & Ted's fantastic support. What can I say about the power couple Mr Thuan & Mrs Thuy Nguyen and their unbeatable ability to get things done! Dr Tam Tran & co Chau for being our rocks! Dr Quynh Giao for your amazing generosity. Our growing star Billy Trinh. What a fantastic job Vietnam Vision has done over he years. In short everyone involved was amazing beyond words can describe. My heart felt thanks to all. Looking forward to a fantastic 2016 trip."


DR HIEN TRAN, GP, Aug 2015

"For many volunteers (myself included), this was our first visit to Cambodia. We had the opportunity to meet many Vietnamese families living in Cambodia and it was sad to see how poor their living conditions were. Our volunteers team spirit - extremely high! We all would like to come back to Cambodia again. The local people were lovely and the patients we served truly needed assistance."


DR WILLIAM TRINH, Optometrist, Aug 2015

"The lady in the picture was the organiser of the Kandal floating village. She appeared in her sixties and our volunteers would have seen her full of energy running around with her public address microphone speaking in her gentle & kind voice to the hundreds of children & adults about charity work, telling them to be patient lining up orderly under the scorching sun to receive gifts, medical checkups with medication, eye checkups with prescription & sun glasses. I was amazed at how she could do such a wonderful job of taking good care of the village people as I was told by our optometrist Dr KT Truong that she was literally blind by myopia (>-6.00). Fortunately we were able to provide her with a pair of prescription glasses that instantly lighted up her smiling face. What so memorable was the long hug she gave me when we left with her crying joy & wishing us to come back next year to help her boat people in desperate need."