Field Trip to Cambodia, March 2019

Writers   Mr Ted Mlynarz & Ms Thuy Nguyen

Photos: Ms Tanya Anhtuan

"Mission Impossible Made Mission Possible"

On the 6th March 2019, 25 volunteers from Australia (12), Vietnam (11) and Cambodia (2) arrived at the small village of Sikon Tru, Kampong Chhnang Province of Cambodia. Over the next 3 days they achieved the impossible, conducting 589 medical examinations given by GPs, 301 gynaecology treatments and 62 eye tests on the poor and needy from the surrounding area.

1,000 food parcels with financial donations (AU$25 each) were also distributed.
Coincidentally, the mission was carried out during the week of the International Women's Day.

Special thanks to Thuy for her intiative and the following volunteers:

Sister Dang, Miss Wai Sok Ly, Miss Linh Chu and all local votunteers from Cambodia.

Dr Duyen , Dr Thanh, Dr Thiem, Dr Quynh, Dr Lan, nurses ( Mrs Hong, Mrs Lang, Mrs Mai), Mrs Bach, Mrs Au, from Viet Nam who provided professional skills, time and money towards the trip.

Members from Truc Lam Zen Sect: Dr Duong Huynh,  Dang Chan, Chon Hien Lac and Minh Lieu.

Volunteers from the AHHA team Dr William Trinh, Dr Hien Tran, Ms Tanya Anhtuan, Dr Oanh Ha, Ms Chrissy Nguyen,  Mrs Ha Tran, the Rotarians (Ted, Charlie, Bob Joe, Helen).

The work can not be done without the support and generous donations from the AHHA team members and donors from Viet Nam, USA and Australia.

Well done AHHA and all the volunteers!!