Ms Megan Broughton 

Ophthalmic Nurse , Vietnam Field Trip 2012

What a privilege it has been to be a part of the Vietnam Vision Projects Australia.

My experiences are many, and hard to put into words.

The entire VVPA team worked hard together to ensure the best possible outcome for the Vietnamese people in need of cataract surgery, to brighten their world and their lives by giving the precious gift of sight we all take for granted. This enables them to once again work to provide for their families and to be able to see and interact with their loved ones.

My emotions were overwhelming when I witnessed a Vietnamese lady seeing for the first time in many years.

Her happiness was obvious as she held my hand and expressed her feelings to me. She spoke Vietnamese but it didn't matter because I understood every word she was saying ... It was written all over her face.

She looked down at her hand in amazement at her wedding band as though it were a long lost friend.

At that point my tears started flowing and I realized how fortunate I was to be here as part of this wonderful VVPA team.