Mr John McAnulty


Consul General of Australia in Vietnam, 2013

A Blast From The Past

What a surprise it was to visit the Bao Luc Hospital in Lam Dong Prince to witness firsthand the wonderful work being undertaken by the Vietnam Vision Team and to meet up with Max Bunter, a teacher of mine at Wagga Wagga High School during the 1960s. While we did not recognise one another, and this be expected since it is close to 44 years since I left school, once Max introduced himself I immediately remembered having a teacher by the same name. When I mentioned to Max that I had a teacher called Max Bunter in Wagga Wagga he looked straight at me, his jaw dropped, and so did mine, and I said 'it was you'. Once we recovered from the surprise reunion we reminisced about our good times at Wagga Wagga High School. And they were good times indeed, wonderful teachers such as Max, who was also a coach of one of the schools rugby league teams in which I played.  

On my infrequent trips back to Wagga I always drive past the High School and reminisce about the good times that we had, and the occasional bit of trouble one got into. I can vividly remember Max as one of my teachers, and he was a good one, and no doubt he had to counsel me on occasions to knuckle down and do my schoolwork. 

I am now looking forward to the Vietnam Vision Team returning to Vietnam next year and being reacquainted with Max and reminiscing about our time together 44 years ago.





Mr Max Bunter

Rotarian, Vietnam Field Trip 2013

You cannot possibly imagine how great it is for a retired teacher to be suddenly confronted with past pupil from almost fifty years ago, especially one who has gained the esteemed position of Consul General of Australia in Vietnam. 

Way back in the 1960's I was teaching at Wagga Wagga High School. In 1964 I was Form Master responsible for all Year 7 pupils and in that year one John McAnulty enrolled. I possibly taught him English or Mathematics, but in all honesty I don't really remember him as an individual. John informed me that he as also a member of the Wagga Wagga High School Cadet Unit of which I was the Officer-in-Charge, and was a team member of one of the football teams I coached. (There will be some say how could he put up with me in so many ways!)

However, I am extremely pleased that John seems to have remembered me favourably, and I am honoured that I have in some small way may have contributed to the development of a fine ambassador for Australia.

It was great to see John's genuine interest in the humanitarian work being done by Vietnam Vision and the promise of his assistance wherever possible - Many Thanks.