Jan 2016 Cambodia Eye Screening Trip:

13/01/2016 - 200 food parcels were distributed to poor families living in the Floating Village in Tonle Sap Lake. Each food parcel included 50 kg rice and 2 liter of cooking oil. 50 patients were screened for cataracts.

15/01/2016 - AHHA eye team in collaboration with local doctors and volunteers screened 270 patients for cataracts in Kandal province.


Aug 2015 Cambodia Field Trip:

Lotus Kids' Club in Siem Reap - 545 patients were processed and each family was provided with food parcels consisted of 10 kg of rice, canned fish and condiments such as fish & soy sauce. On the last day, a graduation ceremony took place and each graduate was presented with a bicycle, a helmet and a school pack consisting of a back pack, books and a new set of school uniform.

Tonle Sap Lake Floating Village near Kampong Chhnang - 350 patients were examined by medical, dental and optometry teams. Food parcels (20 kg rice) and children's gifts (books, face cloth, pens, soap, tooth brush & paste etc) were distributed.

Kandal village in Kampong Chhnang - 180 patients were examined and 1,000 food parcels distributed.


Jul 2014 Vietnam Field Trip:

Distributed 500 food parcels in Ca Mau and Long An.


Jul 2013 Vietnam Field Trip:

Distributed 300 food parcels in Nha Trang on 27/07/2013 and 300 in Lam Dong on 01/08/2013.

Touched by treating many children with special needs from various orphanages and children centres in Nha Trang, the VVPA dental team organised a day trip to visit 5 temples/centres on 26/07/2013: Phuoc Thien Temple, Phuoc Quang Temple, Duc An temple, Anh Dao Refuse Centre and Thanh Son Temple. The team was able to raise AU$4800 on the bus trip, This amount was evenly distributed to 5 places with each receiving AU$950.


Jul 2012 Vietnam Field Trip:

300 food parcels were distributed in Quang Nam, 350 in Bac Lieu. Each parcel contained 10 kg of rice, 1 carton of instant noodles, suger plus AU$5, the people of Bac Lieu also received  1 kg of msg.


24 Dec 2011 - 03 Jan 2012: Vietnam

With the generous support from the members of VVPA and satellite Rotary Club of Liverpool West, $10,400 was raised. Money was used to purchase food parcels and necessary items to distribute to the poverty stricken villagers in central Vietnam - Lam Dong, Cham Island, Hoi An and Quang Nam.

24/12/2011 in Lam Dong - 200 food parcels were donated to the ethnic poor living in Phi Lieng, each family also received AU$15.

28-31/12/2011 Truoi in Hue: Food parcels were distributed to 40 families, each parcel consisted a carton of instant noodles, a blanket and AU$5.


Di Son and Duy Xuyen in Quang Nam - 200 food parcels were given out to the poor families at Hoa Quang Temple. Parcels included 10 kg of rice, cereal, biscuits plus AU$5. 

To Dinh Van Duc in Hoi An - 200 food parcels were handed out. Parcels consisted of 10 kg of rice, soy sauce and AU$5.

Cua dai in Hoi An - visited CHIA (Children's Hope In Action), donated AU$500 to help the centre to carry out its good work of looking after the abandoned children.


Cham Island - Donated 100 food parcels + money to poor families.

Tam Ky - Distributed 150 gift parcels to poor local children.


29 - 30 Dec 2009: The Blind Village Lan Mu - Soc Trang, Vietnam

With the support of a small circle of friends, families and especially VVPA members, $10,650 was raised to provide 600 identified poor & blind families from Vinh Chau - Soc Trang. Provisions included 10 kg of rice, sugar, cooking oil, a carton of instant noodles, pain killer medication plus AU$6.50.