Australian Health Humanitarian Aid (AHHA) was established in Australia in 2003. It changed its name from Vietnam Vision Project (VVP) in 2015 to reflect the expanded scope of its charity work.

AHHA is an Australian registered non-profit charity organisation. We provide free eye surgery, eye care, medical, dental treatment to the underprivileged and  training to local students and doctor  using the technology from Australia and the skills of Australian health professional volunteers. We provide humanitarian services to relieve human suffering and improve the quality of life of those in need with compassionate acts. We organize and participate in fundraising activities to support disaster relief and recovery in Australia and overseas.




Clip 1 - The Mission Began

Clip 2 - Our Volunteers

Clip 3 - What We Are About



AHHA and on behalf of our patients, would like to say a BIG "Thank You" to you, our generous supporters for making the 2017 field trip possible.

AHHA wishes to thank each and everyone of our 2017 humanitarian field trip volunteers. We are most grateful for your commitment, compassion and generosity which contributed to another great successful mission.

The assistance and enthusiasm from the Khmer Sight Foundation, local volunteers and university students was invaluable and together with our dedicated AHHA volunteers, wonderful life changing work was accomplished to help the poor and the under-served in Cambodia during 2017 mission.

We would like to especially acknowledge the support of Mr Sean Ngu of the Khmer Sight Foundation (KSF), HRH Prince Tesso Sisowath and princess Sita Norodom of Cambodia, Prof Meng Ngy of Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital, Prof Callum Durward of Puthisatra University, Australian Ambassador in Cambodia Ms Angela Corcoran, Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Ms Men Sam An and Cambodian Minister of Health Dr Nam Bunheng, Cambodian MP Ms Khoun Sodary and Cambodian MP Dr Cheam Yeap.