AHHA started the Education Sponsorship Program in 2013. It was in line with its strategic vision of “To make a difference to the lives of the poor ". It is an initiative to help poor students to escape the cycle of disadvantage.

Giving children some basic education will definitely change a child's life, if not the child's whole family. Many poor families cannot afford to send their children to school. They often end up working as labourers or selling lottery tickets on the street from a very young age.

The sponsorship conditions stipulate the children attend school regularly, achieve satisfactory results and the sponsorship will be reviewed yearly based on the student's performance.

The sponsorship amount is $250 AUD per child per year, and it goes to help pay for their school fees and uniforms.

Sponsorship donations will be tax deductible as the fund will be allocated to this education program.

We would like to thank the volunteers/sponsors who have supported this initiative.

Please contact us if you would like more information. One of the main differences between the "have" and "have-not" is educational opportunities.






AHHA sponsors 56 high school kids.

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