Charlie Hili

Business Owner, Cambodia Field Trip 2015

Cambodia2015 SenHoa 31.jpg

This was my ninth trip to Vietnam/Cambodia with The VVPA team or AHHA as we are also known.

I was of the opinion that the shortened one week Cambodian sojourn would be nothing more than a walk in the park. I was wrong, dead wrong. The work undertaken was no less fulfilling and energy sapping as any of the previous eight trips I have been involved in. Our volunteers, new and old were as dedicated as any before them. They performed their duties with utmost skill whilst displaying the compassion and dedication that has become synonymous with this wonderful organisation. I always marvel at the unselfish, unwavering commitment shown by those volunteers who still have that desire to help even though they are now on their tenth or more mission. One would think they have tired of it all, or become complacent to the cause, but they haven’t.


"I think I speak for myself and many others when saying that each and every trip is life enhancing."


I think I speak for myself and many others when saying that each and every trip is life enhancing. The early starts, late finishes, delayed dinners, back breaking bus trips, mud and rain, heat and humidity, aching muscles and joints, stomach cramps and relentless attention to my right shoulder by Billy Trinh is all worth it and makes the journey memorable.

The people, the children whose lives we undeniably changed for the better is what it is all about. To be honest, what right minded Aussie wouldn’t give up one week of their otherwise comfortable lives to see just how others in this world are managing without what we take for granted and in some small way make a difference?

I’ll be back again next year to do it all again.